Maryland’s own Witzend are back and better than ever with their latest CD, Liquid Comfort. Bryan McLane Tucker (vocals), Mark Deane Zlatich (guitars), Christopher John Boron (bass), and Wayne Russell Fritz (drums) return with an independent recording that sparkles from beginning to end. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Grant at Secret Sound Studio, the musical musings of the band are clean and crisp. In fact, all of the eight tracks present a pristine sheen that is both listenable and loveable.

            - Mark Bounds, Out of Bounds, Music Monthly, December 2001

With their release “Liquid Comfort”, the Baltimore based modern rock quartet Witzend comes to the table offering eight songs cut from familiar and not so familiar cloth. The albums opening track “Whisper My Conscience” immediately conjours up shades of the Synchronicity era work that made The Police a household name two decades ago; but still maintains a very current sensibility.
            “Famous Last Words”- the record’s showstopper – is pure hook driven modern pop, armed with a chorus that’s sure to keep anyone humming long after the first listen. The disarmingly gentle “Fit To Be Tied” is the perfect forum for lead vocalist Bryan Tucker’s romantic musings, while also prominently showcasing the tasteful riffing of guitarist Mark Zlatich. The tightly wound rhythm section inhabited by bassist Christopher Boron, and drummer Wayne Fritz more than capably lays down a solid bottom end foundation; allowing the songs to breathe and flow easily throughout the whole disc, but still containing enough punch to keep your feet tapping. Produced by John Grant, along with the band, “Liquid Comfort” is a good look at a good band that would be a welcome edition to any modern rock fan’s CD collection, or any up-and-coming local music scene…comforting indeed.
-Matthew Ryan, Origivation Magazine, December 2001

"The four members of Baltimore;s Witzend deliver an intoxicating stage show. Their deliciously original material is clever, intricate rock. Front and center is Bryan Tucker with clear, polished vocals and a magnetic presence. Opening with 'Bad Karma', Tucker's melodic voice captivates. Drummer Wayne Fritz and bassist Chris Boron display an amazing synchronization from the heartbeat percussion of 'Broken' to the hiccup tempo jumps of 'Glitter', while Fritz also supplies background vocals in 'Fit to Be Tied', a catchy little tune about bondage. Mark Z reflects the complexity of Witzend with his accomplished guitar style. Besides the highly sexual overtones that the band purveys in its music, it doesn't hurt that this band is way easy on the eyes. Pick up a copy of their CD, Borrow Your Gods, at Record and Tape Traders, Border's, The Soundgarden, CD Warehouse and CD Depot, in the Baltimore/DC area. And be sure to check them out at the Elbow Room in NYC, because you need to hear 'Famous Last Words' live. "
-Cara Daniels, PA Musician, March 2001

"WITZEND has always rocked! I love those guys." - Kirk McEwen, WIYY 98 Rock, Baltimore

"WITZEND's style is unique. They mix different sounds of music to make a perfect blend. I really dig the WITZEND sound." - Gezim Dzemaili, WKRB 90.9 FM, New York City

"Bare Naked Ladies were discovered at the Hard Rock Cafe... Who's NEXT? WITZEND?" - City Paper, Baltimore, April 2001

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