Saw you at Recher last night and you guys were awesome! I loved the got some lungs! Wonderful...rock on!
I saw you guys last night at Lapalas. I thought you guys were great and I can't wait to hear a show where you do your originals. By the way, I thought that was the best rendition of "End of the World as We Know It."         -Stacey Caught you all at the Towsontown Festival. Congatualtions on maintaing maximum energy during oppressive heat. You give as good as you get!
HI, i saw you guys play yesterday at the Igloo compilation show and i just wanna say that i was very impressed. you guyz have a very unique sound (which is rare these days) and great vocals and harmonies. looking forward to seeing you again!

"just wanted to tell you you guys are awesome. caught your show at the Magic Cue and was very surprised. I hope you jam there again. Thanks for the free cd, too."
           -Gary F.

 I have been in with the local band scene for the last 15yrs. I must say that you guys are one of the best. Glad to see you guys are playing with some FANTASTIC-other locals RADIOSTAR-(Honor Among Thieves). KEEP ROCKIN!!!
-Vic guys are awesome LIVE and your CD is... is ...well I am speechless and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to your next CD. I especially like that song "Fit to be tied" ...I can't get it out of my head. Looking forward to more shows and funny pics. As a fan, I vow to spread the word. Thanks for the good music and keep it rockin'!!!

I caught you at the beer fest in Balt. on 10/1. I was walking by and you just drew me in. I was the black-haired, jean jacket, loud mouth. It was thrilling to hear something fresh finally. Keep on kickin it. I look forward to catching you all at more shows, especially Mark, you’re hot!
- Tiffany

 I want to say how much i love your music.. I saw you for the first time at teh igloo thing @ woods, never even heard of you, and let me say im more into heavy punk and stuff, but you guys are wonderful. I love your song on the comp, glitter somuch, its been playing 24/7 in my cd player, and i cant wait to see you guys again** if i ever do haha* so i can get the cd.. I wish you guys soooo much luck, and thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with Maryland.. you guys are great and deserve to be signed *love in christ* 
           - Blair

"When I saw Bryan, I thought, this guy can really sing. When I met him later, I said "WOW! This guy is really AWeSOME!! "See you soon!:0)"
- Natalie B

Hey Gang - Just a note to let you know that you rock. And if you haven't any idea as to who I am... I'm Huggle, I've chatted with Wayne a few times. I used to frequent Daytona's in Pasadena... when you all played there on College Nights. I got the CD, and will keep in touch with your site to see ya perform again. Keep rock alive, don't drink and drive.
My taste in music ranges from opera to thrash and everything in between. Even with such a large variety of singers, I can honestly say that Bryan is one of the most talented of all the singer's I've listened to.
  -Kristen - A.K.A. Chop

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