BRYAN TUCKER...  Lead Vocals and Lyricist

ÖI guess I was about 5 when I found out I could sing. Shamefully, it was to the Osmondís and then on to Air Supply.
I was a quick learner though and found RUSH by the time I was 12 so it ended up OK. I was forced to sing at church
for several years until I met a girl in 6th grade (my first real girlfriend!) who had recently come off Broadway.
She introduced me to her agent who took me on a 10-year whirl of dinner theater, singing at large events up and down
the East coast, opera at the Kennedy Center, movie Xtras, T.V. commercials, modeling (I was an apple-pie looking kid)
and too many other things to remember. I loved singing and wanted to fine-tune my voice.

I received a 2-year scholarship at the Peabody school of music in Ball-mer for classical Latin vocals.
As high school was ending and the thrill of it all was fading, I got a call from Scott Rabinowitz whom I knew casually
from high school. He and a friend had written some tunes and needed a singer. That call was the true beginning
of Witzend (from Jinx to Ready of Not to etcÖ.). I started writing all the lyrics later on as I was the only one who constantly
had a book in my face when I had the time, I guess they all thought I was smart! Fools. Scott was with me for a solid 4 years until he decided to tie the knot. I tried to talk him out of it but one canít impede true lust. I mean love. It worked out well for him and we have gotten together from time to time to write and play out.

Playing with Witzend quickly surpassed my expectations, as we were always able to find top-notch musicians
who had the same style of music in mind. We strove to write melodic yet intricate music. We still are to this day.
We played 3 to 4 times a week from VA to NYC, were on the radio for 2 in studio performances, had our CDís reviewed nationally, and basically beat the living shit our of ourselves. We were very fortunate to meet Les White one night
when we were opening up for 38 Special (odd huh?). He took us on and is responsible for all the great places we played
and whom we played with (SR-71, Laughing Colors & on and on). We developed a good relationship with 98ROCK
(whom we owe a debt of gratitude) and played several Festivals and summer concert series. It was a blast.

Well itís 2005 now and Iím still in the band I love with John Gormus (you can read his story in his bio,
he is a Witzend alumni), Charlie Aquilino (introduced to me by my former drummer and HUGE witzend contributor
Wayne Russell Fritz Ė also decided to get married and again, I couldnít talk him out of it), and Marc Auville (a dynamic bass player that worked with Charlie in the past). As always, I look forward to seeing your faces in the audience in the near future.
Itís good to be back homeÖ Bryan Tucker

INFLUENCES: Rush, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, IQ, Yes, Genesis, Live, SoundGarden, Incubus, Peter Gabriel
TURN-ONS: old Simpsonís, imported beer, PROG-ROCK, sleeping, napping and resting, LARGE audiences.
THEORY: Be weird on stage, act out the music. Write for yourself and for the listener. NO EGOíS EVER.

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